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Would you like a quote for your wedding?

Here is my way of working :

My rates are tailor-made according to what the bride and groom want.

Generally the price of my wedding service can include this:


1. My travel expenses.


2. If possible, A little meeting before the wedding in order to get ready for the big day and to get inspired by the theme of the wedding.

(Usually two or three weeks before the wedding, this can also be done by video call)


3. The photo day which can include this:


- Preparations

- The descent of the stairs / delivery of the bouquet.

- The civil and/or religious ceremony .

- Photos of different couples and families willing to participate

- The photo session of the newlyweds.

- Photos of the place of reception (before everyone settles down if possible).

- The " Vin d'honneur". 

- The reception.

4. Sorting all photos and post-processing all remaining photos. 
(This is the biggest part of the wedding report.) 

I insist on ALL the remaining photos, indeed after having sorted out the duplicates and the bad photos, I apply my personalized photo treatment on all the remaining photos. They are reviewed one by one so that all the photos are consistent and of optimal quality.

5. Basically, I provide all the retouched photos on a USB support accompanied by a frame with a photo of the bride and groom.

Optional:    I can provide my work with premium packaging personalized by me. (See the bottom of this page for some examples.)


6. Alterations after delivery of files.
What does this mean? 

I provide all the retouched photos, As I no longer make paper photo albums, I can sometimes help the bride and groom to make some small montages that fit well with the pages of their album if they decide to make one themselves. .

I can also make a thank you montage that the bride and groom can have printed wherever they wish.

7. Optional :


An online gallery with a selection of photos from key wedding moments, this gallery is locked with a password. the bride and groom can therefore share this private album with all the people they wish.

Do not hesitate to ask me for some private photo album links, if I have the agreement of the bride and groom I will gladly share them with you. 

To be able to provide an accurate quote to the bride and groom I need to know different things:  


1. The date of the wedding. 

2. The different addresses of the wedding venues to be able to calculate my trips. (preparations, ceremonial venues, reception hall, etc.)

3. The number of hours of service on site. ( my start time and my end time )



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